This is my official website, created for all of my fans to keep up with my sometimes exhausting musical happenings. I'm very blessed to make my living doing what many dream of but few actually do — write, record, and perform music to varying audiences ranging from one of the finest church's in the United States to large civic centers, festivals, as well as select local establishments. I'm honored that you're joining me.

Whether I'm in the studio working on a new song or album, or playing live with my favorite band, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with me and my music. I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current, topical, and fun. So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something fun is going to pop up here for your  enjoyment!

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The Early Musician


David began playing guitar, writing songs, and joined his first  band The Recto-Dynamics at age ten.
 During his Avondale High School senior year  he was nominated for Governors Honors in Art, experimented with photography, and became a Published Poet while attending Dekalb College.
   David played in various bands around the Atlanta area including Starfire, The Sanford Niles Band, and Storm. He explored other musical endeavors in the south east, south west, and as far north as Chicago including performing with the bands Flight, and State Line Avenue.         

Coming Of Age


Wayne David Carpenter 

An American Guitarist/Songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/Published Poet: 

Produced by, and often appearing on stage with Bill Dees, writer of the song “Pretty Woman” made famous by music legend Roy Orbison. 

Toured with the band State Line Avenue throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. 

Achieved success regionally when performing with State Line Avenue by co-writing and recording 

the song “I need To Know” which was also produced by Bill Dees. 

Collaborated with composing associates of Marty Robbins. 

Wrote the song ”Selectro” used in a chase scene in a film commissioned by the Florida State Department. 

Received Honorable Mention in Guitar Player Magazine for his original song "Spirit of Life". 

Performed with other Gold record artists Carmen, Larry Norman, Lawrence Chewning, Phil Driscoll, as  well as Heavy Clyde.

Here And Now


“David, you are the best I've heard in a long time, and I listen to a lot of artist. Don't stop the music!”— Big Star Music Group

David is a Lead Guitarist, Composer, BMI registered songwriter, and artist staying busy performing, composing, arranging, recording, and producing original music.