Devonshire - an out of order anthology, volume one

  1. Cities Child
  2. Hell Bound
  3. Lean On Me
  4. Night After Night
  5. A Nice Life
  6. I Cry
  7. A Merry Christmas Day
  8. And
  9. You
  10. Is Anybody There (at all)
  11. Love Is In Your Heart


At the time I was raising two young daughters whose mother had died of cancer. Working a straight job, I would work all day, come home and check their homework, prepare dinner for us, spend time with them, give them baths, get them in bed, pray with them, and then go back downstairs and set up my amps, get the recording board and guitars ready, and continue working on my album Devonshire. My daughters always fell asleep hearing my amps blaring from downstairs as I recorded the next set of tracks for the album.
At this pace, the eleven song, thirty-two minute album took years to complete and my daughters entire teen years are encapsulated within this album. I consider it time well spent and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


State Line Avenue 45 rpm Record Jacket - out of print

A side: I Need To Know written by Gary Meggs and David Carpenter, 

B side: Sweet Night Of Bliss written by Bill Dees,  

produced by Bill Dees, performed by State Line Avenue, recorded at National Recording Studio, Texarkana, Texas. ​

Gary Meggs - Lead Vocals, Piano, Sax, Flute

Buddy Deese - Trumpet, Vocals

David Carpenter - Bass, Vocals

Chris Loveall - Keyboards, Vocals

Larry Campbell - Guitar, Vocals

Russell Roberts - Drums, Percussion

Circa 1984